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Plant Mastery

A Gamified Plant Care App Prototype

This app aims to make caring for plants fun and informative while receiving both in-game and real-life rewards for their efforts. The more effort they put into this care, the closer they are to Plant Mastery.

Possible Solution

People who own houseplants sometimes have a difficult time taking care of plants because of things like lack of motivation, feeling like it’s just another task, or not knowing what the correct care is.

Problem Statement

Fall Term 2023

Spring Term 2024

Project Duration


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Tools Used

About this Project

This was a school project for DME-125: User Experience Fundamentals that was further iterated on in DME-211: User Experience Research and Testing which taught the core principles of UX design and exposed the students to the beginning-to-end design process.

User Interviews

User Research

Competitive Analysis



Empathy Map

Journey Map


User Flow

Information Architecture



Low-Fidelity Mockups

High-Fidelity Mockups


Usability Testing

Implementing Feedback


The Design Process


I engaged with three plant owners to explore their plant care practices, their use of technology for routine management, and preferences for gamification in apps.


The insights affirmed my beliefs about the unique challenges faced by a specific user group and their yet-to-be-met needs in incorporating engaging reward systems into plant care

User Interviews & Research

Upon analyzing the competitive landscape of plant care apps, it was evident that Planta and Blossom dominate with user-friendly interfaces. 


PictureThis, with its robust AI-driven plant identification, could enhance its value proposition by reevaluating its pricing model.


All competitors share a narrow focus and could further innovate by integrating more dynamic, gamified experiences to foster greater user engagement.

Competitive Analysis


"I want my house to look like an inviting jungle that wows everyone who walks in"

About Josh: Josh likes to mobile & PC game in his off-time and has a little bit of an addictive personality. He loves to collect as many varieties of plants as possible. The rarer, the better. He now has a collection of around ~200 plants. His girlfriend gives him a hard time and calls him a "temporary green thumb" because he sometimes forgets about these expensive plants that don't look so beautiful after being neglected.

Age: 27

Education: Bachelors

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Family: Girlfriend & 1 dog

Occupation: Front-End Developer

Persona - Josh

  • Manage a large amount of plants

  • Not feel like keeping plants is a chore

  • Have a plant collection to brag about


  • Difficult to keep track of all of the plants

  • Plant care apps are tedious and not fun

  • "I don't want to be forced to spend a lot on an app--when that money could go towards plants"


"I want to give my plants and my family the best life that I can!"

About Tracy: Tracy is devoted to nurturing her family and 25 plants but sometimes the plants have to take a back-seat for a little bit when other responsibilities take precedence. Plant care is her therapeutic escape when everything settles back down. She often finds herself overwhelmed by where to start when trying to figure out which plants need attention first.

Age: 38

Education: Masters

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Family: Husband & 3 kids

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Persona - Tracy

  • Maintaining beautiful plants while keeping up with the family

  • Not falling too far behind with plant care

  • Growing her plant knowledge


  • Finding time to research the right care for her plants

  • Needing clear direction on which plants need care and when



I created paper wireframes to quickly visualize and iterate on layout and user interface ideas in order to make rapid modifications. I researched other mobile game interfaces to obtain a design that might be familiar to users.



I mapped out the basic structure and functionality in the low-fidelity prototype that facilitated clear communication of the initial concept without distracting elements.

Low-Fidelity  Mockups

The design was advanced in the high-fidelity mockup, where detailed visuals and interactive elements were incorporated to provide a closer representation of the final product and more accurate user testing and feedback.


Many of the digital image assets were from royalty-free sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay, but the majority were generated in DALL-E to achieve the customized gamified feel I was looking for.

High-Fidelity Mockups


I researched other plant care apps for possible ideas to include for the site map and tried to integrate what could be gamified motivators for plant care such as quests, rewards/achievements, a digital goods store, and a customizable plant room.


Final Design

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