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Niche Nest Furniture

A Multidisciplinary UX & Media Showcase

This responsive website aims to make the process of buying elegant high-quality wooden furniture engaging and streamlined, with a user-friendly clean interface and clear company branding that ensures a trustworthy and dependable experience. 

Possible Solution

Online Shoppers who seek unique, high-quality wooden furniture need an intuitive, responsive e-commerce platform to purchase furniture conveniently because they value a seamless and engaging shopping experience.

Problem Statement

Spring Term 2024

Project Duration

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe After Effects

Tools Used

About this Project

This subject was used for two separate school projects. GRD-240: User Interface/User Experience and DME-140: Intro to Audio/Video Media. I practiced principles of branding, competitive research, Adobe XD in both courses, and learned Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects basic use in DME-140.


"When i'm making a big purchase, i'm the type of person that will go all out on something I find beautiful and will last a long time"

About Josh: David’s home is his sanctuary that he shares with his girlfriend. Together they appreciate quality and beauty and want their home to reflect their tastes. He is a busy Physicians Assistant who values his free time and prefers to spend it with his loved ones instead of shopping in stores. He is always on the watch for things that make his life more convenient but still deliver the high-standards he seeks.

Age: 37

Education: Masters

Hometown: Denver, CO

Family: Girlfriend

Occupation: Physician's Assistant

Persona - David

  • To be able to have great furniture delivered to his doorstep without setting foor in a store


  • Not having a straightforward shopping experience online



I created digital wireframes in Adobe XD to quickly visualize and iterate on layout and user interface ideas and make rapid modifications.

Digital Wireframes

I researched other furniture websites and felt it would be best to have a minimal navigation with a big emphasis on categorizing by room.


I sketched many versions of logo options and settled with something close to the bottom right image because it had the greatest potential and readability.

Logo Sketching


I mapped out the basic structure and functionality in the low-fidelity prototype that facilitated clear communication of the initial concept without distracting elements for multiple screen sizes.

Low-Fidelity  Mockups

The design was advanced in the high-fidelity mockup, where detailed visuals and interactive elements were incorporated to provide a closer representation of the final product and more accurate user testing and feedback.


All of the digital image assets were from royalty-free sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

High-Fidelity Mockups


& Micro-Interactions

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