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08/18/2023: Please excuse the mess, I am actively working on updates


 Gamified Plant Care App

Graphic Spiral
Graphic Spiral

THIS IS A CURRENT WIP - Fall Term 2023

I had started this project on the side (Leafy Level-up) when I was self-learning UX design principles prior to my studies at Wake Tech. I wanted to familiarize myself with Figma, my preferred workflow, and learn while doing. This app solves a problem with a current plant care app that I use and brings a fresh spin on plant care that I think people may enjoy.

I am currently enrolled in the DME-125 User Experience Fundamentals course and have been able to pick this project back up and adjust it to fulfill the criteria for this course as well as future Spring 2024 courses (we continue to iterate on this fictional company/app).

Software Utilized:

Adobe Illustrator


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