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08/18/2023: Please excuse the mess, I am actively working on updates

Healthy Snack Campaign


This campaign was to create a healthy snack product and include skills learned into branding, packaging, web animation, and vehicle wrap marketing. We needed to leverage research into our creations and utilize Adobe Suite products to accomplish the tasks throughout this multi-week campaign project.

Initial Concept Document:

The initial concept is for “Clean Cravings Cookies” which offers a healthy alternative to cheat snacks, marketed primarily towards women aged 20-50. The company's main product is a line of individually packaged cookies that are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, and are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. The cookies are designed to satisfy cravings for sweets without compromising on health and nutrition. The company aims to position itself as a go-to brand for health-conscious women who want to indulge in a guilt-free treat.

From (Wegmans) in-store research, this product would be best suited next to the protein bars in a dispensing box similar to some of the examples I cited below due to the individually packaged loose nature. I located health cookies in the vegan, cookie, and candy sections of the store additionally, which are also options. However, in this particular store they would not appear in a similar packaging style to its surroundings if located in those sections, and thus may not stand out against their bagged or boxed options. For this reason, the packaging choices are tentative in order to explore if others might reach a larger audience. Depending on marketing, the individually wrapped choice would be more successful if sold in places like gyms or coffee shops compared to their boxed/bagged counterparts so for now, this is the choice I am sticking with.

Most images utilized on health cookie packaging (most cookies in general) that I encountered are high detail photograph images of the cookie as opposed to vector/illustration images. As of now, I am partial to an option in my sketches that features cookie pan backdrop to text/images utilized in the logo. So going forward from the beginning stages of this logo idea, to visually incorporate the cookie product I was looking to go one of two directions:

1.) Utilize partially clear packaging as seen in one of the below examples with the pan containing the logo and the supporting information on the corners as per sketch 5.

2.) Utilize a strong branding color that works with the substrate and promote an “eco-friendlier” packaging to pair with the health-focused product.

View below the workflow and thought process for bringing this campaign to life.

Software Utilized:

Adobe Fresco for Ipad Pro

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Animate

Graphic Spiral
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