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The Re-branding of


Mountain Inn


The Halley's Mountain Inn re-branding was a project that spanned 8 weeks of the course and introduced us to some of the processes behind logo-making and promotion.

Centered around the fictitious craftsman-styled luxury hotel located in Black Mountain, NC, we were encouraged to research the real-life location as well as the design elements behind craftsman-style architecture and incorporate this into our logo-work.


This client wanted to rebrand and promote their re-opening as well new ventures such as offering all-inclusive weddings.

Graphic Spiral

Research &


In the beginning stages we were encouraged to learn the importance of designing multiple iterations, simplicity, and scalability.

Graphic Spiral

Web-based Ads

For the grand re-opening, we worked iterations of the three of the four most commonly sized web-based ads with focus on photo quality, contrast, unity, alignment, and text/design scalability.


After peer review new iteration brought more emphasis to branding color and "luxury" feel.


We then focused on more practice with Illustrator, exporting to Photoshop, mock-up work with smart objects, and creating new swatches/patterns.

Practice with branding and color

Graphic Spiral

For this project we designed three static ads for an Instagram social media campaign that focused on promoting either: a farm-to-table artisanal brunch buffet, a personalized vacation, or an all-inclusive wedding package. The focus of this assignment was to properly curate photos that represent the brand. We needed to make considerations for orientation, diversity, and contrast. We learned how to make a contact sheet as well as properly edit these photos. We then placed everything into Photoshop and included a caption, CTA, as well as hashtags.

Social Media Campaign

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