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Clayton (Raleigh), NC

UX & Web Designer 
Specializing in People-Centric Interfaces, Responsive Web Development, and Creative Branding Solutions

Featured Projects

The essence of Tiffany Does Design is rooted in devising life-enhancing solutions achieved with meticulous, quality-driven excellence, and grounded in reliability and consistency.

Tiffany blends positive problem-solving with a distinct mix of empathy and precision, ensuring every design not only meets but exceeds user needs and expectations.

Responsive Web Design

Transform your digital presence with website designs

tailored to your brand's identity and needs.

Be ensured that your website will have

optimal performance across all devices.

This fluid and adaptive experience can

enhance user satisfaction and reach.

Interactive Prototyping

Bring your ideas to life with this

interactive prototyping service.

We will design and create clickable prototypes

that allow you to experience and test your designs,

ensuring needs are met before development.

Branding & Identity Design

Create a lasting impression with a memorable brand identity

that resonates with your audience

and stands out in the digital space.

Elevate your brands aesthetic

with color scheme development, logo designs to

create the cornerstone of your visual identity, and more.

Blog Sneak Peek

Discovering Miro: My New Go-To

Tool for UX & Web Design

From sitemaps to fostering easy collaboration, Learn more about why Miro is my new indispensable asset as a designer.

Crafting my Identity: The Story Behind

My Personal Brand Mood Board

Read more about the visual narrative I created that showcases the core principles of my brand and why.

Resume Writing in the Competitive

Field of Design

Dive into some of my favorite resume writing tips and how to set a strong foundation in a design career.


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