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08/18/2023: Please excuse the mess, I am actively working on updates

Graphic Spiral

DME-215 Adv Graphic Design Tools - SP23

Healthy Snack Project

See the design process unfold for a fictional healthy snack campaign that incorporates product research, brand/product identity, product packaging design, marketing via vehicle wrap, web animation, and more.

DME-215 Adv Graphic Design Tools - SP23

Day Spa Project

This project demonstrated our capability of creating a luxury brand feel, menu, and website for a fictional North Carolina based Day Spa called Luminere Day Spa.

Luminere Day Spa Logo

DME-115 Graphic Design Tools - FA22

Halley's Mountain Inn

The majority of this course revolved around a fictitious craftsman-styled luxury hotel located in Black Mountain, NC. This client wanted to rebrand and promote their re-opening as well as new ventures such as offering all-inclusive weddings.

DME-115 Graphic Design Tools - FA22

Final Project

A test of the tools, concept, skills, and delivery for all we learned over the course for a fictional business of choice. "Applied Design Group" was a new company looking for a minimalist take on tech and professionalism.

WEB-110 Web Dev Fundamentals - FA22

Event Landing Page

This assignment was to create a responsive landing page for a fictitious company's event utilizing HTML and CSS that included an interactive map, a registration sign-up form, a calendar invite, and a registration confirmation page.

WEB-140 Web Development Tools - FA22

Vicious Cycles Project

This project was to create a responsive website for a fictitious "bicycle/1-3 wheeled vehicle" company named "Vicious Cycles" utilizing HTML and CSS. It required at least 7 linked pages, a nav bar, form, and social media links.

GRD-141 Graphic Design - SU22

Principles of Design - Various Artwork

This course introduced me to the principles of design and on the manipulation and organization of elements. I have included various pieces that demonstrate these principles. Most work utilized graphic pen/marker, collage media, and traditional media.

WEB-214 Social Media - SU23

Social Media Collection

Here you will find a collection of various artwork and projects geared for self-promotion on selected social media platforms such as Linked In and Instagram in order to learn methods to drive traffic and engagement.

DME-215 Adv Graphic Design Tools - SP23

Travel Magazine Spread

This project focus was on photo editing and optimization as well as familiarizing the use of Adobe InDesign. See the design process evolve into one of my favorite projects.

WEB-125 Mobile Web Design - FA23

Beach Town Website Redesigns and more

Learning, refreshing, and implementing different RWD methods and several front-end frameworks with site redesigns.

DME-115 Graphic Design Tools - FA22

Famous Art Recreation

This was one of the first assignments in the course that dipped our toes into Adobe Illustrator. The prompt was to recreate a famous work of art from any era utilizing only the geometric shapes tools.

On the left is the original Marilyn 1967 by Andy Warhol and the right is my Adobe Illustrator recreation.

Personal Project/DME-125 User Experience Fundamentals - FA23

Gamified Plant App

This is a personal project I began while self-learning prior to beginning the UX Design program at Wake Tech. I am now continuing to iterate on it in this course and into SP24 term with the guidelines and fundamentals we have learned.

© 2023 by Tiffany Speth

Below is some of the work I have done as a student since I began these two programs in the Summer 2022 term. So far, there have been lots of struggles and triumphs in my journey. I look forward to keeping this portfolio updated to see and share the progress made.

Please enjoy!

Latest Work


Welcome to my UX and web design student portfolio!

Here you will find a collection of my projects that showcase my skills and understanding of user interface, user experience design and web design. As a student, I am constantly learning and growing as a designer and I strive to apply what I learn to create digital products that are visually appealing, intuitive and responsive. My portfolio includes a variety of projects that demonstrate my ability to understand the needs of users and design solutions that meet those needs.


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